Gosh. I am entirely overwhelmed. I’ve been looking for baby design and nursery stuff and research baby gear and day dreaming about what I want to get for the Bunn, but I feel like I am getting nowhere. After months of just looking, and the time to start buying growing nearer and nearer… my decision making skills run further and further away from me. After a while it all starts to look the same and lose it’s novelty. I am pretty sure about what I want for the regular stuff like car seat and stroller and baby bouncer etc., but as far as decorating and the sort of things I have been looking at, I don’t know how it’s all going to look together!

 I haven’t really had much time or the means to give the house a distinctive “style” since we have moved in… We pretty much just have a hodge podge of what was available. I guess that’s why part of me really wants to pull together something cohesive for all of BB’s stuff, because it is a totally new venture, there is good reason to start cleanly fresh, organized, coordinating.

For the first part of her Life she will be sharing our room with us, so we aren’t really doing a traditional “paint the walls pink” type nursery situation. I don’t really know how it’s all going to work out. I just wish I had a couple of the main things so I could get a visual of how it might lay out spacially. Basically, WE need to get OUR bed to see how big it will be, I’d like to get her bassinette and figure out where it can go and be close to my side of the bed, and figure out the changing table/dresser situation too. I am pretty sure I am going to get some vinyl wall decals and that will be pretty sweet. But WHICH ones I am not sure yet… It all depends on everything else. Sigh…

Thanks for listening/reading my ranting…my mind is a-racin’ and it sort of makes me giggle to think that these are the things I think about now. Ahhh….Mommyhood.              

  I Love you Little One. Can’t wait to kiss your face. xoxo