Today, Casey Anthony was found not guilt of murdering her daughter, and not guilty of aggravated child abuse, among other charges. My feelings regarding the Casey Anthony verdict surprise me, merely because of their weight. I’ve been following the trial for some time now via articles on the internet, not much video.

The verdict itself did not surprise me, if only because there was no rock solid proof. It is clear Anthony did not act virtuously, like a “normal” mother would, and it is clear she lied about everything under the sun surrounding this case (and in her daily life, I’m sure it’s nothing new), but the prosecution’s facts could not hold up against the defenses performance.

Even while the blaming accusations of the defense (such as those pointed toward George Anthony) were vehemently denied, they still were said out loud and someone was going to believe them on that jury, creating doubt. When Casey Anthony thought she was done for and broke down, the defense called for her mental evaluation. Regardless of the fact that she was found fit for trial, surely it had an effect on the jurors.

Anthony lied to pretty much every single person in her Life and that is what bothers me about this case. Regardless of the prosecutions facts, her lies were brought in to the courtroom. Regardless of their refutation, they can still lead to doubt in the mind of the juror if presented as even possible truth.

If a pathological liar bears witness, and it is proven over and over and admitted that she is lying, how can any of the testimony based on her witness be considered? Is there nothing that can be done to make a person tell the truth? I don’t suppose so. Serial killers take their secrets to the grave.

The fact is, there was enough reasonable doubt  to screw over the prosecution before the defense ever got started. They never got what they needed to tie it all together. They did not fufill their need to uphold the burden of proof. What bugs me is the defenses’ slimy tactics used to hold on to their benefit of assumption. If she really was in no way guilty of harming her daughter, many of the tactics used by the defense would not have been necessary.

I believe the mother lied for her regarding the use of the computer and the internet searches, while under oath.

I believe the father had nothing to do with the murder (accident*?*).

I believe that the meter reader had nothing to do with the case in a criminal way, and I believe that the attitude of the policemen that he reported to originally may have hindered the case greatly.

I believe that Casey Anthony knew that her daughter was dead and reveled in her new found “freedom”.

I do believe that is cause enough for some sort of punishemnt and is pretty much the saddest thing I have ever heard.


It doesn’t matter what I think. I was not on the jury. I don’t know if I would have been able to convict her if I were on the jury.  She cannot be tried again for these crimes. She has served her time for the crimes she has been found guilty of, and she will go free.

Maybe some day there will be answers…but I doubt it.

It seems lying your ass off and being fake as f*** pays off. But it can’t for long.  …It can’t forever.   Little Caylee, I hope Heaven for you is so much better. Rest in Peace.