Gigantic, Steady, Very Strong Dreams

This week I rewatched The Secret for a little New Years inspiration and encouragement toward all my goals. It’s always nice to have a little refresher on all that we are  of using the Law of Attraction. If anything, it excites me to hold Big, Adventurous Thoughts in my mind, rather than just day-to-day blather.

Last night my Love and I went to a concert to see Lagwagon and NOFX, two of my favorite bands from high school and beyond. It was wild. The venue must’ve sold out or been very close to it. All the bands played very well and it was my first night out since well before the baby was born!

We crept up right near the front and I found a pretty sweet spot against the rail right next to the speakers on the right hand side (Thank God for ear plugs!!!). As NOFX came out and the crowd started to swell,  you could feel all this energy and craziness that was filled with Love for these musicians.
I felt very moved and was affected by this energy, and felt very proud of this band and all that they have accomplished. My thoughts immediately drew to the Law of Attraction.

Now, I don’t know the members of this band personally, so I can’t really say that I know anything about their intentions for their lives and what they have dreamt of or overcome to be where they are now, but I do know this: they must have held gigantic, steady, very strong dreams in their mind throughout their careers in order to come from being a small Berkeley punk band to amassing a following, to playing sold out shows all over the world. I could feel just a bit of this at the show, and it was inspiring. Who knows, maybe they really only ever pictured partying and playing and fucking around, but I doubt it. I
 know all that has been included on the adventure, but at some point these goofy punkers dreamt big dreams, and set out to make them come true. I believe they have succeeded and exceeded in that.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I’m really glad I got to go. This morning was a little brutal but I took a little nap this afternoon and it’s 10:30pm now, and I’m still alive, so I think I’ll make it. Cheers!


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