Coachella 2012! ~ Day To Night ~

Coachella 2012! ~ Day To Night ~
Festival Fashion is all about staying comfortable and standing out in a crowd. For Coachella 2012, go with a simple tank top and shorts during the day, with bikini top during peak sun hours and add a fun, memorable sweatshirt in the cool evening! Don’t forget your comfy shoes: Chuck Taylors will fit right in, or opt for a pair of starry sneaks.
Keep jewelry minimal, you never know what can happen while you are rocking out.
Victoria Beckham’s Butterfly sunglasses are super hot, but if you don’t want to risk losing your $600 pair while crowd surfing, these Metal Brow sunglasses by Unique are also rad.
Water and sunscreen are a must so toss them in to your tote bag and go
Coachella 2012! ~ Day To Night ~

Theory sweatshirt hoody
$50 –

Motel backless shirt
£22 –

High waisted shorts
$56 –

Converse shoes
£42 –

Forever 21 flat shoes
$11 –

A P C shoulder handbag
$575 –

Mango beaded earrings
£28 –

Leaf ring

Victoria beckham sunglasses
$605 –

Christopher Kane lace shawl
£175 –

Topshop plastic sunglasses
$44 –

Philosophy sun care
$26 –


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