Birthday Baby!

Good morning and good day to you! It’s a Fashion Friday and I will *hopefully* have something to upload for you later on today.

It’s a big weekend in my household. Little Bunn is turning One! We’re having a Barbeque party, because that’s what we do. However we’ve never had one this big or with so many of my family members coming up to celebrate. It should be interesting.

Little Bunn herself is growing, growing, growing! She has 5 teeth showing, and two more just about to punch through. She is standing on her own for more than three seconds , and cruising like a pro around every piece of furniture she can access. She’s saying words like “Dada” and making other noises to communicate what she wants. She is pretty much the most amazing creature I have ever laid eyes on. 🙂

Alas, Our breastfeeding story came to an end sometime between 10 and 11 months. For a long time, she had only been nursing on the left side, and would refuse the right. We didn’t do a lot of nursing during the day, usually just at bedtime. Even then, I would have to also give her a bottle because I wasn’t producing much milk. It became less and less and less. Then I realized it was just more of a novelty for her I think, and I’ve been ready to have my body back, and maybe not have lopsided boobs  anymore. Maybe have a cup of coffee in the *gasp* afternoon, or a Coke. Nuturing is part of my astrological makeup. Autonomy feels good too.

Part of me is still a little heartbroken, but she didn’t seem to mind the switch at all. My little baby is getting bigger and there is no pause button. I’m so thankful to have had that time with her, and every night when I give her her bedtime bottle, I rock her and kiss her and just hold her close. I Love her so. Even though she is no longer dependent on my physical body for nourishment, I still feel very close to her. I know breastfeeding was so worth it, and I still think it is one of THE most amazing systems of the human body. There were many ups and downs throughout my experience breastfeeding, and I know I had it pretty easy! Throughout all of the downs, the big “up” that kept me going was just knowing that I could be there for my daughter in a way that no one else could. I had to sacrafice somethings, YES; but I was sacraficing for her. I guess that’s what being a parent is all about. You Love them, you sacrafice to nourish and nuture them, and they break your heart while filling it with joy. It’s crazy. It’s really good!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Little Bunn. Thank You for turning my Life upside down, and always having a smiley face and squishy cheeks to kiss. I Love you so! xoxo



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