**November Challenges**

October is winding down (can you even BELIEVE that?!)  and November is just around the corner. The holidays are going to be in full swing before you can even blink an eye, and then the New Year will be here. 2013 Baby!!! I am excited for all of it: The “official” debut of C’s costume, cozy fall evenings curled up in bed with a book or  an excellent movie, Thanksgiving at Madonna Inn, hunting for perfect presents, and of course, spending time with the whole fam damily at Christmas ( it is a BIG year for us; I count 14 just with Mom, Dad, Kids, Grandchildren, and significant others. Add another five or six for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a surprise guest or two). Our large family gatherings are CRAZY, and my favorite! 🙂 With all this madness going on there will hardly be time to do any bit of self nurturing, and sadly, sometimes the holiday “cheer” takes its toll and turns us into grumpy Grinches.

I guess that is why I feel called to not one, but TWO different group programs starting in November. I will be participating in the Goddess Haven e-course created by Leonie Dawson for her Goddess Circle, as well as Celestine Chua’s 14 Day Kindness Challenge.

The Kindness Challenge is a two-week group activity/experiment where we will be given one  Act of Kindness to complete each day. After we carry out the task, we can react and reflect with other participants in a private forum. I am excited to participate, because although I try to be kind to everyone I come into contact with, it can be easy to be in your own little bubble and never reach out to others who may benefit most from your kindness. Sometimes we have to step outside of our la-la land and place ourselves in unfamiliar situations, where we can make the most difference. Step outside the comfort zone, make more magic. My intention in participating in the Challenge is to spread Light to others by completing the daily tasks, and to strengthen my own Light, by giving me tools that I can use after the challenge to treat others kindly all the time.

The Goddess Haven e-course is a program I have dabbled in a little bit on my own time, but I haven’t yet had the chance to explore the program in a group setting. The Goddess Haven course is a six-week program created to help you declutter and spiritually clear your space for optimum good feelings and productivity. In short, this course is designed to make YOUR space tuned in to YOUR Needs, YOUR Desires, YOUR Spirit, YOUR Heart. It is designed to give you the tools needed for self nourishment and inspiration. As a Cancer, I am SO excited for this course to help me turn my home into the bright, shiny, cozy little shell that I am constantly longing for it to be. I am excited to de-junk, revamp, and thoroughly bless my sweet home. I am also excited to share this journey with other women from  all over the world who are ready to do the same!! In a similar fashion to the Kindness Challenge, each week you are sent an email with decluttering tactics, space clearing tools, workbooks, meditations and more! As you employ the tasks you can join in on the conversation with others in the Goddess Circle. We learn at least as much from others as we do on our own, and Goddess Circle women are very wise women! I totally invite you to take this course with me and turn your home into the Goddess Haven of your dreams. Let me know in the comments section that you’ve joined up too, and we can keep each other accountable and on task. Sharing is caring. 🙂

If you have not yet discovered Leonie Dawson and her many, many Life changing gifts that she shares with the world, you need to head over to LeonieDawson.com ASAP! One of my most inspiring role models, she is absolutely amazing. I am a proud affiliate of her Goddess Circle and all of her products, and I am so happy to now be promoting her work here on The Light of Love.

Celestine Chua is another great inspiration to me. I stumbled upon her Personal Excellence site a few years ago and my Life has grown by leaps and bounds with the help of her 30 Days to Live a Better Life program, and I would not even have this blog if it weren’t for her Blogging Intensive Bootcamp! She is the Ultimate Go-Getter, and she will help you be too.

I hope you join me in these Life altering courses. Both programs begin on November 1, so you only have a day or two left to sign up. I will (hopefully) be posting my experiences here on The Light of Love, and I’d Love to read about your experiences too! If you decide to join in on one or BOTH of the programs, don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

Love, Light, and Awesomeness,



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