It’s 12/12/12 Somewhere…

Well, well, well… It is December 11 and of course it’s been a while since I have checked in. Do I say this every time I post? Almost. Have I ever mentioned my procrastination issues? Sorry. Anyhooo…on to the goods.

November went by so quickly. I guess December is too, we’re almost half way over. I did not do well with the Kindness Challenge. I started out with such great enthusiasm and high expectations, and just…dropped the ball. It’s not so much that I am a super mean person; on the contrary, I realized that I do truly try to be kind to every one I meet on a regular basis. I try to be considerate of what others are doing, how they feel, how I make them feel, etc. I’ve also been going through some personal issues and just didn’t have it in me to follow through on the challenges. These excuses did not make me feel any better about not participating, they just are what they are. Celeste at Personal Excellence is definitely hardcore in her challenges. She doesn’t F around. A truly fearless warrior in the Personal Development World. If you want to change your Life, follow her. Listen to her. 🙂

The Goddess Haven E-course has gone considerably better, in the sense that I have gone through a few of the weeks and have been in communication with other participants of the course. Goddess Circle Sisters are so supportive, creative and enthusiastic! I Love them. I have made it through about Week 3 of Goddess Haven (I think the course is practically finished, or on the final week, Week 6) and I’ve slowed, but I am not finished! I will continue on my own and keep pressing to make my space my own. It’s been difficult as I am slogging through the same personal issues mentioned above, which all seem to culminate when I try to make changes in my space at home. Sometimes it feels like progress, sometimes displacement. It can be the opposite of inspiring. I guess that’s why I wanted to do Goddess Haven in the first place, to clear out negative energy and let my home be a place of inspiration for me and my family. I’m discouraged, but not despairing. I will keep on going!

The course itself is so interesting. I Love Leonie’s guided meditation, it helps you see what you need, what nourishes you, as well as what doesn’t. I think so far my favorite part (as I am only in week 3) is the Feng Shui layout chart, so that you can see where the rooms in your home line up on the grid. It was very eye opening! For example, our kitchen is right in the Health & Family zone, perfect for communion and putting good nutrition into place! C’s bedroom is in the Relationships Zone, and the Creativity/Children area is right where all her toys are in the living room (but so is the TV, which sort of makes me shudder…is the TV sapping all creativity from her play? I try to limit viewing/having it on in the background but I know that with her other caregivers it can be on longer than I like). My room is the Wealth Zone, and Fame & Acknowledgement is in the closet. I’ve worked quite a bit on decluttering my part of the room but I would still classify both as disastrous by my standards. I want to change this in order to get the energy of these areas flowing in my favor! I have all this stuff and nowhere to put it gracefully. sigh.. I do have plenty of “stuff” to take and donate to Goodwill though, so that is something! Perhaps that is my next step before proceeding further.

We are also getting ready to do our Christmas decorating! I am way too excited, I’ve been waiting all month for the 15th to roll around so I have a bit o’ money to buy boughs of Holly or whatever. I am expecting a jolly weekend.
Also on the plate for the week/weekend is a little something called the 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year Workbook! Yes, it is from Leonie & the Goddess Circle and it’s pretty much the reason I joined Goddess Circle in the first place. I started doing this last year, and it is a SUPER FUN workbook where you can TAKE STOCK of what has happened in the year that has passed, DREAM GLORIOUS DREAMS for the year to come, and MAKE PLANS for those dreams to come to Life! I’ve actually already started working on mine for 2013 and want to share more with you, in hopes that you will want to get one too! I’ll be writing about it later this week, so keep an eye out for it.

Have a lovely 12/12/12 tomorrow, try not to read too many doomsday post/comments (I can’t be the only one sooooo tired of these!) At least it detracts from the Christmas music lamentations. Haven’t heard many of those complaints this year! Ok, I’m done.

Peace, Love, and Oh Yes! A Happy Hanukkah! 🙂


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