Whooaahhh!!! Time is going by so quickly! I can’t believe that February is almost over. I am ready for March, though! Lots of good things are lining up. 🙂

What have I been up to lately? Last I wrote here I was filling out my 2013 Planner, and I have been busy ever since trying to get my Dreams going and my goals met.

I set out at the beginning of 2013 with the plan to make at least 14 new meals, and I am proud to say I have made 4 so far! First I made the Meatloaf, a basic recipe, but it was really yummy! Comfort Food, although, I haven’t made it since. Next was the crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken Chile, which was ok the first time, but the SECOND time, I added a serrano or two and it was much tastier with the kick. My third recipe was Chile Verde con Pollo, made as taught to me by V and Slim, who are always treating me to homemade Mexican food.

I have the Best Teachers!

I have the Best Teachers!

It came out pretty well! I will probably be making this a couple times a month until The End of Time.

Last night I made a really good Mexican Shepherd’s Pie. It was basically ground beef, corn, salsa, refried black beans, cheese, sour cream, and spices underneath a cornbread crust. That ALSO came out pretty well. In fact, I am heating the last of the leftovers in the oven right now! I think what’s unique about this recipe is that it has cumin, cinnamon, and called for allspice, but I didn’t have any. I just like using spices in new ways, and this was definitely flavorful in that comforting, cozy way. A good introduction to use of Spice!

You may have noticed that my taste preference lands in the Mexican Food Zone of Comfort.
I blame my SoCal upbringing! In looking for recipes, this was sort of brought to my attention, because so much of what I was drawn to was Mexican food, and things that have so many of the same ingredients: rice, beans, cheese, meat, sour cream! Maybe some new twist or a particular combination I had never considered before, but nothing too drastically different from “what I always eat”. So in Spirit with this sweet image:
I am hoping my next recipe will be something a little more daring. I have a couple of ideas, but I am not ready to share just yet. 🙂

I also finally finished my Word of the Year project! Here is the finished piece, it hangs above the entry to our Home:
THRIVE is my Word of 2013! I chose THRIVE because I am so ready to keeping growing and growing into myself, I am SO excited to watch C Grow and Thrive in her World, and I am excited to create a garden space in which my plants will also THRIVE! So far, I still feel like I am an itty bitty seed, but I know as the year moves forward, if I keep my eyes set forward, I will Thrive and see a Life I had never imagined before. It feels good.
**ALSO, there is a group of people who have started the Thrive Movement and I really resonate with their mission. Check them out here.

Anyway, that is all for me today. Just wanted to check in and share! XoxoX